Pedestrian Plan

Click to view the draft Newton Pedestrian Plan

The city of Newton is currently developing a pedestrian plan to enhance walking conditions and to improve connectivity and safety throughout the city.

Dozens of citizens and businesspeople already shared their ideas for the pedestrian plan during meetings on Dec. 5 and 6. The first meeting included a short walk around Downtown Newton to discuss the key elements of a walkable Newton. The second meeting featured an open house at City Hall to discuss and review recommendations for improving the pedestrian environment through infrastructure projects, programming, and policy.

Additional public input was gathered through an online survey (which was also available in a printed format). More than 320 people completed the survey.

An open house was held on Feb. 28 to introduce the public and the Planning Commission to a draft version of the plan. Attendees were able to ask questions and share ideas about ways to improve the draft plan before it is formally presented to Newton City Council for consideration.

The purpose of the Newton Pedestrian Plan is to improve all aspects of the pedestrian experience and increase pedestrian activity throughout the city. It will address how to make the city's streets safe for Newton’s youngest and oldest pedestrians, how to improve the connections between neighborhoods, and how an improved pedestrian environment can create a healthier and more livable city. Your input will help build a better understanding of community needs and priorities.

Based on input received thus far in the planning process, the following items have been identified as areas for improvement:

» Connectivity on A Street between U.S. 321 Business and Main Avenue
» Connectivity to school and parks
» Connectivity between schools and parks
» Pedestrian improvements at intersections on U.S. 321 Business
» Connecting gaps between existing sidewalks

If you have any questions, please email Newton Planning Director Randy Williams at