Utility repair programs

NEWTON, N.C. (Dec. 16, 2015) – Newton is alerting residents to be cautious of independent utilities repair programs, such as those involving water and sewer line repairs.

American Water Resources recently notified the city of its intent to mail letters to Newton water and sewer customers offering protection from the cost of water and sewer service line repairs. AWR is an independent company and is neither affiliated with nor a partner of the city of Newton. Further, the city does not endorse AWR’s program.

“Newton does not require any property owner to secure the services of a private company to maintain water and sewer lines,” said Newton Public Works and Utilities Director Dusty Wentz.

Property owners are required to repair any leaks or breaks in water and sewer lines on their property as it is private property, but owners are not required to do so through programs as offered by AWR.