Sanitary sewer testing

NEWTON, N.C. (Dec. 1, 2015)–The city of Newton will be smoke testing sanitary sewers throughout the city during the month of December.

ManholeThe tests will be conducted in areas south of 20th Street and north of N.C. 10. Smoke tests assist the Public Works and Utilities Department in locating breaks and defects in the sewer system. Door hangers explaining the tests will be left at homes and businesses prior to testing.

During the tests, customers may see smoke coming from vent stacks on buildings or from holes in the ground. The smoke has no odor, is non-toxic, is non-staining, creates no fire hazard, and dissipates within a few minutes.

If smoke enters your building during the testing, it probably means there are defects in the plumbing that could allow sewer gas to enter. If you see smoke during the tests, note the location of the smoke and call 828-695-4289 to arrange a meeting with the city’s inspector. Open doors and windows to ventilate any smoke that enters the building.

If you have any questions, contact Newton Collections and Distribution Superintendent Todd Crutchfield at 828-695-4289.