Tilawa Jewelry

NEWTON, N.C. (Oct. 30, 2015) – Newton recently celebrated the opening of Tilawa Jewelry in a new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Tilawa Jewelry ribbon cutting

Tilawa Jewelry is owned by Santiago Picado, a jeweler with 26 years of experience. Tilawa Jewelry’s new location is at 1901 Northwest Blvd. in Plaza Latina. The new location offers the growing business more space than its former location, which opened about two years ago and was also in Plaza Latina.

“We are proud you chose to keep your business in Newton, and we’re here to support you,” Newton Mayor Anne P. Stedman said during the ribbon cutting on Oct. 24.

The cases at Tilawa Jewelry are filled with gleaming rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and more.

In addition to jewelry sales, Tilawa Jewelry offers repair and cleaning of jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and other metals. Picado also specializes in clocks, and clock repairs are available at the store.

Juan Picado, Santiago’s son, works at Tilawa Jewelry and described his father as “the MacGyver of the jewelry business,” adding that his father’s extensive experience allows Tilawa Jewelry to offer services many jewelry stores are unable to match.

“We fix anything from $2 pairs of glasses to Rolex watches,” Juan Picado said.

For more information about Tilawa Jewelry, visit or call 828-465-2014.