Recycle cooking oil at new drop-off site

NEWTON, N.C. – Newton is partnering with Blue Ridge Biofuels to offer a new way to recycle cooking oil.

cooking oilThe Cooking Oil Recycling Program is a community project that provides used cooking oil recycling services to Western North Carolina. All the used cooking oil collected by Blue Ridge Biofuels is manufactured into biodiesel, a cleaner-burning alternative to petroleum diesel.

Newton’s self-service drop-off site is at 201 North Ashe Ave. beside the city’s cardboard recycling dumpster and is open around the clock. To recycle your cooking oil, first let it cool to a safe handling temperature. Pour the oil into a jar or bottle, take it to the drop-off site, and pour the used oil into the cooking oil recycling bin. Any used cooking oil or grease can be recycled at the site, including vegetable oil, fish oil, bacon grease, chicken fat and pork fat.

Improper disposal of cooking oil is one of the major causes of costly sewer maintenance. When cooking oil is poured down drains, it solidifies into thick layers inside drain pipes and constricts water flow. Over time, clogs caused by built up cooking oil can lead to overflows in the street, foul-smelling odors and irreversible damage to sewer pipes. The cooking Oil Recycling Program targets used cooking oil, fat and grease before they become issues.

For more information, visit the Cooking Oil Recycling Program website or call Newton Public Information Officer Alex Frick at 828-695-4266.