Markings part of streetscape planning

Temporary marks downtown are part of Streetscape Project

NEWTON, N.C. – Newton employees will make temporary marks on the sidewalks and roads around the 1924 Courthouse Square to prepare for engineering for the Newton Streetscape Project.

Roads and sidewalks will be marked with spray paint this week to indicate the location of underground utilities including water, sewer, storm water, electric, fiber optic, cable, telephone, and gas lines. It may look like a lot of paint, but all the markings are temporary and will fade away in about a month.

Information about the location of underground utilities will be provided to engineers planning the streetscape project to better help them design renovations to Downtown Newton streets and sidewalks.

For more information about the streetscape project and to share your ideas, visit the website dedicated to the project.

For more information, contact Alex Frick by email or at 828-695-4266.