Re-enroll now in Equal Payment Plan

City of Newton utilities customers may now re-enroll in the Equal Payment Plan, which is one of several options to pay utilities bills. Customers have until May 31 to sign up for the program; enrollment is effective from July 1 until the following June bill.

The Equal Payment Plan spreads the cost of utility service as evenly as possible on a monthly basis over an annual period. This assists customers with home budgeting, and billing under this plan does not result in greater or lesser payments to the City than in the case of customary monthly billing.

Accounts must be paid in full prior to beginning the Equal Payment Plan, and customers must be in good credit standing with the City. Late payments may result in removal from the Equal Payment Plan. Customers also may choose to opt out of the program at any time.

To re-enroll, fill out the EPP Form (Word Document) and return the signed form before June 1 to Customer Service at City Hall, 401 N. Main Ave., fax to (828) 465-7419 or email to