Newton staff engaged in "Stayin' Alive" initiative

NEWTON, NC (Dec. 3, 2013) – As the holidays approach, stress levels increase and so do the chances that family members, neighbors, or friends experience sudden cardiac arrests. During October and November, the City of Newton collaborated with a volunteer from Catawba Valley Medical Center in educating and training all employees in compression-only CPR. 

Research shows that immediately calling 9-1-1, providing compression-only CPR (to the beat of the disco song “Stayin’ Alive”) and using an AED increases a person’s chances of  “stayin’ alive.” In addition, compression-only CPR is a good alternative for those who are not health care professionals and doubles a person’s chances of survival.

The ER volunteer explained the importance of continuous compressions, what happens when rescue personnel arrive on the scene and what happens when a patient arrives at the hospital. Due to the nature and hazards of their professions, police, fire and electric department personnel are required to obtain certification in full CPR and First Aid.  Knowledge often lessens anxiety, and now all City of Newton employees are trained to provide compression-only CPR.