Police Dept. swears in two officers

NEWTON, NC (Aug. 22, 2013) – Two police officers were sworn in to the Newton Police Department on Aug. 14 during a ceremony at Newton City Hall.

Scott Lee and Christopher Prescott took the oath of office, joining a team of police officers dedicated to serving the City of Newton and its citizens. Lee and Prescott were joined by their families for the ceremony. Their fathers held the Bible as each officer was sworn-in.

“The oath of office – you can’t know it well enough, you can’t read it enough, and you can’t apply it enough. It’s what we go by,” Newton Police Chief Don Brown said.

Brown said Lee and Prescott were selected from a pool of 76 applicants. Though the hiring process was lengthy, the department wants to ensure it hires the best candidates.

“It’s a special day for two fine young gentlemen we hired,” Brown said at the ceremony. “I thought it was important for the families to be part of the ceremony we hire and to be a part of their careers because family is the most important thing.”

Brown said all those who serve at the Newton Police Department look upon each other as family too and take care of each other.