City receives $10,000 ElectriCities grant

NEWTON, NC (April 3, 2013) – Site certification at the Newton Corporate Center on N.C. Hwy 10 West will move forward with the help of a $10,000 ElectriCities grant.

Newton Mayor Anne P. Stedman said, “Site certification is a step in the right direction for the City’s efforts in economic development. We appreciate all the support we’ve received from ElectriCities to do this project, and all the help they’ve given us in the past.”

City Manager Todd Clark said, “We appreciate ElectriCities’ support. Their grant will help us elevate the corporate center to a preferred site in North Carolina, increasing its marketability and immediate availability.”

On Tuesday, the Newton City Council formally accepted the grant and approved a budget ordinance allocating an additional $20,000 to the project.

In 2001, the North Carolina Department of Commerce developed the Certified Site Program to provide a statewide inventory of industrial sites that have undergone a rigorous prequalification process to ensure they are “shovel ready” for immediate development.

Some of the work leading to site certification includes: a Phase I environmental audit, a topographical analysis, acquisition of aerial photography, assessment of public utilities including water, sewer, gas and electric supply, a geotechnical study, an archaeological review, an evaluation of watersheds and wetlands, an evaluation of endangered species, completion of engineered site development plans, completion of a detailed analysis of development cost and review of information on site pricing.

“Site certification really does eliminate any questions marks from a site,” Catawba County Economic Development Corporation President Scott Millar told the Newton City Council on Tuesday. “Clients ask what issues exist at sites, and you don’t want to have a lot of question marks associated with a site.”

Newton Corporate Center is currently one of the most viewed sites in Catawba County, Millar said. If the City completes the process, the corporate center would be the first state certified site in the county.