Newton installing LED street lights

NEWTON, NC (April 3, 2013) – During the past couple of months, the City of Newton has been installing new LED street lights in the downtown area. Replacement of the existing lights will continue each year until all street lights have been switched out.

“Installing LED lights will save the City of Newton about half the operating cost of the existing high pressure sodium lights,” Public Works and Utilities Director Wilce Martin said. “We’re pleased to be replacing these lights, which will also last much longer.”

Newton Mayor Anne P. Stedman said, “It’s wonderful the lights are being replaced with something more cost effective, and I think the lights make the city brighter. I just can’t say enough about public works and what they do to save us money.”

The new LED street lights will last up to 100,000 hours compared to the 10,000 hours for the current high pressure sodium street lights. A total of 2,100 street lights will be replaced.

Currently, 100 LED lights have been installed throughout 90 percent of the downtown area, on North Ashe at Newton-Conover High School, on U.S. 321 Business from A Street to Radio Station Road and on North Main Ave. starting at 11th Street going south. An additional 60 LED lights have been installed around the courthouse square.