Newton honors retirees

NEWTON, NC (Dec. 28, 2012) – The City of Newton recognized five retiring employees in December and the retirement of Deputy Fire Chief Jerry Travis from fire service.

On Dec. 14, the city honored Travis and firefighter/engineer Charles Richard “Rick” Crater with a luncheon at Fire Station 2 (Northside). Travis served the city for 20 years as a firefighter, lieutenant, captain and deputy fire chief.

“Jerry has the distinction of being the first full-time deputy fire chief that the City of Newton has had,” Newton Fire Chief Kevin Yoder said at the luncheon. “I appreciate all the years of service that you’ve given to the city, particularly to the fire department and especially to me.”

Crater began his working as a paid firefighter for the city in 2004. He had retired in 2001 as a volunteer with Startown Fire Department, which the City of Newton now operates as Fire Station 3, but chose to return to the profession.

“Rick is the hardest working person I know,” Yoder said. “There is not a day that goes by that Rick is not at the fire station looking for something that needs to be done or something that can be improved upon.”

On Dec. 21, the city honored four retiring public works employees: Harold L. Preswood, a powerline journeyman; Jay Harold Duckworth, a powerline journeyman; Bobby R. Chambers, a street equipment operator and Ronald J. Wilson, a sanitation equipment operator I. They have 18, 20, 11 and 9 years of service, respectively.

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  (From left to right: Chambers, Duckworth, Wilson and Preswood)

City Manager Todd Clark said, “Without you the wheels of the bus would have come off, and that’s true for each and every one of you. You’re all part of the team. I’m very proud, and I’m privileged to have worked with you.”

Mayor Anne Stedman also applauded the six men at the two luncheons for their service to the city and expressed appreciation for their hard work and dedication to their jobs.