City now offers 24/7 cardboard recycling option

City now offers 24/7 cardboard recycling option

NEWTON, NC (October 10, 2012) -- The City of Newton now offers cardboard recycling for Newton residents, with a cardboard collection box located at 210 N Ashe Ave. (former farmer’s market location).

This collection box will be available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week for Newton residents who wish to recycle corrugated cardboard boxes. Boxes should be broken down flat and free of any packing materials or other contaminants such as Styrofoam and plastic.

According to Public Works & Utilities Director Wilce Martin, “Many Newton residents have expressed a need for cardboard recycling. While we do offer cardboard pick-up for our commercial dumpster customers, we haven’t been able to offer it to our residential customers until now. While we still can’t offer a curbside pick-up for cardboard, this collection box will afford residents an option other than putting their cardboard in their trash cans.”

For more information, contact the Newton Public Works & Utilities Department at 695-4310.