Newton earns AWOP water award

Newton earns AWOP water award

NEWTON, NC (September 4, 2012) – The City of Newton has earned the Area Wide Optimization Program Award (AWOP) for the year 2011. This is the 10th consecutive year that Newton has received this prestigious award. The award was formally presented at the September 4 meeting of the Newton City Council by the Mooresville Regional Office of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (NCDENR) Water Supply Section.

The goal of the AWOP is to reduce the potential for bacteria in the water supply by meeting exceptional treatment criteria and producing water that meets a higher standard.

“It’s a very prestigious award, as there are very few plants in the state and even nationwide, that receive this honor, especially for this many years in a row,” said Wilce Martin, Public WorAWOP awardks and Utilities Director. “This really shows the experience and skill of our employees at the Water Treatment Plant. I am very thankful to have such a hard-working, dedicated team at our plant.”

Mark Hahn, NCDENR Environmental Senior Specialist, commented on the award. “This is very, very commendable, and we express our congratulations and thanks to the City of Newton and its Water Treatment Plant staff for this exceptional achievement,” Hahn stated. “This level of water treatment is far above regulatory standards, and your hard work should be recognized. We realize that this level of quality doesn’t ‘just happen’.”

Newton is in elite company in the Mooresville region, with only nine other water plants earning the AWOP award for 2011. Other winners include: three plants in Charlotte-Mecklenburg – Vest, Lee S. Duke, and Franklin; City of Lincolnton; City of Gastonia; Lincoln County; Town of Long View; Town of Mooresville; and Salisbury-Rowan.

Martin estimates that there are less than 100 water treatment plants throughout the nation that will meet the necessary standards to earn the AWOP award for 2011.

The City of Newton’s current Water Treatment Plant was put online in October 1988, and has a plant capacity of 8.0 million gallons per day (MGD). Newton’s source of raw water is the Jacob Fork River, which originates in South Mountain State Park.

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