Couple earns August "Yard of the Month" honor

Couple earns August “Yard of the Month” honor

NEWTON, NC (August 7, 2012) – Jon and Susie McClure of Ridge Drive in Newton were honored with the August 2012 “Yard of the Month” award, presented by the Newton Appearance Commission.


Since purchasing the property in 1995, the couple has completely redesigned the landscape. They removed all of the trees except two, including the removal of 14 trees in the front yard alone. They planted numerous shrubs, flowers, and a collection of 33 different types of pine trees. The couple also installed a small pond in the back yard, where they planted Japanese maple tree that is now 27 years old. Jon said he even “killed” his front yard last year so he could eradicate the weeds and sow a new lawn.

“Working in our yard is definitely a husband-wife partnership,” Jon, a Newton native, stated. “We do it because we love it. Receiving this honor of ‘Yard of the Month’ does make me feel a sense of pride.”

Susie said the past 17 years has required a lot of effort, but she has enjoyed it. “And we’re still not finished,” she said with a smile.

The City of Newton expresses its congratulations to Jon and Susie McClure for being selected for the August 2012 “Yard of the Month” award.

The Newton Appearance Commission selects “Yards of the Month” based on attractive, well-maintained landscaping and overall aesthetics. For more information, contact the Newton Recreation Department at (828) 695-4317.

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