Ribbon cutting held at Ricki's 24 Ice

Ribbon cutting held at Ricki’s 24 Ice

NEWTON, NC (March 26, 2012) -- A ribbon cutting was held at Ricki’s 24 Ice in Newton on March 20th, 2012.  Newton Mayor Anne Stedman, along with City staff, business owners, and friends congratulated owners Kendall and JoAnn Kuhn on their new business enterprise located in the Catawba Valley Shopping Center, at 759 US Highway 70. 

Mayor Stedman, in welcoming this new business to Newton, stated, “The City of Newton is proud to be the supplier of good, clean water for an ice-making business, and we are glad that you have chosen Newton for the site of Ricki’s 24 Ice.”


Ricki’s 24 Ice is a high-volume, automatic self-service ice unit that can fill your cooler with 20 pounds of ice, or dispense a 16 pound bag of ice, in just a few seconds. The ice is freshly made on-site and ready to dispense 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For only $1.75, customers can buy either the 20 pounds of bulk ice or the 16 pound bag of ice. Filtered, cold water can be dispensed into your container for 25 cents per gallon.

Ricki’s 24 Ice was erected in the fall of 2011. Newton contractor Mark Childers of Classic Home Renovations handled the construction. Mr. Kuhn explained that the location was carefully chosen, due to its traffic volume and ease of access. The shopping center parking lot offers someone pulling a camper, boat, or other trailer plenty of space to pull in for a supply of ice on the way to a fishing or camping trip.

Mr. Kuhn added, “We have already seen an increase in vending on days that the Hickory Motor Speedway is in operation. The proximity to the Catawba County fairgrounds should be a plus, as well.”