N-CCS Student Highlights Abandoned Property Solutions

NEWTON, NC (March 21, 2019) - Discovery High School senior Trace Fulbright recently created a brochure on the impacts of abandoned property as part of his senior project.
Abandoned property
The goal of the project was to change or affect the world for the better.

“I was driving around one day when the idea struck me of how much impact abandoned property could possibly have,” Fulbright said. “So I decided to do some research and decided that it would be a great idea for my project.”

Fulbright’s driving question was ‘How can local governments and/or organizations best rehabilitate or re-purpose unused or abandoned land?’ The goal of his study was to determine the best methods of rehabilitation or reuse for a given piece of land, with an emphasis on the broader cost to society if a piece of property is left abandoned.

The city of Newton thanks Fulbright for his efforts to make the city a better place. Copies of his brochure are available in the lobby at Newton City Hall or by clicking here.