Police Issue Warning About Credit Card Skimmers

NEWTON, NC (July 18, 2018) - The Newton Police Department is warning area residents to be on the lookout for credit card skimmers after the fraudulent devices were found on two local gas pumps.
Exxon skimmer
Newton Police responded to the Exxon gas station at 2443 West NC 10 (at the intersection of Startown Road) in reference to a possible fraud on July 17. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a service technician who advised he had located an internal card skimmer inside a fuel pump. Newton police officers and the service technician checked the all of the remaining pumps at the gas station and were able to determine that another skimming device was installed inside another pump.

The pumps in question were on each end of the pump line with the skimmer placed in the inside pump. It appears that the suspect pried open the control panel door on the fuel pump then attached the skimmer device to the card reader and keypad. An alert customer noticed the control panel door was not very secure which looked suspicious. The customer notified store management who requested a service technician respond and inspect the pumps. Skimmers were found in two of the ten fuel pumps.

The time frame indicates the skimmers may have been on the pumps for 2-3 weeks. Investigators are working with surrounding businesses to view security camera footage. Newton police officers are also in the process of notifying all retail establishments with fuel pumps or ATMs to check their machines.

All customers who may have purchased fuel at this Exxon station are asked to review their accounts for any possible fraudulent charges. Citizens are encouraged to physically check any device that accepts a debit or credit cards for suspicious attachments or possible damage indicating forced access.

Anyone with information concerning this case is encouraged to contact the investigations division of the Newton Police Department at 828-465-7430.