Brilliant Legacy + Bright Future

Some small towns have a shining legacy that beams pure Americana. Add a future that shines equally as bright, and you’re in Newton, North Carolina. Here, modern ingenuity soars as high as the tire swings that hang from deep-rooted trees. This is a small town with big doings, where the past ignites the future. And timelessness and timeliness uniquely coexist.

Newton is a refreshing juxtaposition, where tradition plays hopscotch with innovation, letting you experience the best of both worlds in a myriad of ways. It’s the kind of place that gives you permission to stay put and invites you to move forward at the same historic frontier where freethinking wins out time and again. It has an industrial soul and an artistic spirit. And as the Catawba County seat since the 1800s, Newton safeguards the past with the same vigor that it embraces what is yet to come.

Less than an hour outside of Charlotte on Highway 16, Newton is on the road where big city stress wanes and small town charm picks up. With new highway expansion in motion, Newton will soon be even more easily accessible...but never at the expense of close community connections. 

This small gem has long been home to innovative manufacturing giants, like Bassett Furniture, Technibilt, Sarstedt, ZF, Renwood Mills and Flowers Baking Company. And the tradition is primed for the future, as growth abounds in this prime location that offers employment opportunities and lower cost of doing business. The Catawba Valley Furniture Academy teaches time-tested skills and creative ingenuity while robust workforce development programs put ideas and hands in motion. This is truly a place to exercise the tried and true and think outside the box for the future.

Newton’s exemplary school system shines with stunning results, boasting the highest graduation rate in the state. Newton teachers lead advisory programs to boost the county and state to academic excellence, and the city leadership eagerly welcomes ideas and input from young minds. The city also thinks globally, with popular language immersion programs and programs offering insights about international communities. This is fertile ground for minds young and old.

The caring community here fosters a downhome, family-focused lifestyle that can lower your blood pressure with every slam of the screened porch door. Hard work is valued along with easy-does-it living and affordable housing. The picture-perfect North Carolina foothills and parks offer beauty and recreation. Community events like the Foothills Folk Art Festival attract fun seekers of all ages. And even if you’re new in town, you won’t be a stranger for long. Neighbors quickly become extended family.

The walkable, historic downtown square is like a scene from a Hallmark movie. It’s the authentic heart of Newton, reflecting the town’s dual appreciation of historic preservation and modern reinterpretation. Alongside the stately courthouse and Historical Association of Catawba County is the delightfully reimagined historic post office, now the Old Post Office Playhouse that feeds the burgeoning art community. Modern day shops and eateries make themselves at home in historic brick buildings. Well-thumbed books, documents and artifacts in museums are neighbors with first run films at State Cinema and fun, local eateries like Blue Moon Tavern and Carolina Vines. It’s a storied brick and mortar backdrop carefully preserved for function and festivities, where old greets new with warm Carolina hospitality.

Like many North Carolina small towns, Newton is blessed with deep roots and Mayberry charm. But it also benefits from a prime location. Rarefied history. Inspired innovation. Expert manufacturing. Bountiful beauty. And serious smarts. Newton is uniquely positioned with a legendary heritage and inspired future that brilliantly blends all of the above, making it a small town that’s having a shining moment with big possibilities for new generations.