City of Newton Heritage Trail Greenway

If you're looking for the taste of the country without leaving the city, you and your family should walk Phase I & II of the Heritage Trail Greenway in Newton.

Planned and created for the purpose of exercise, a mode of alternative travel, and connectivity of neighborhoods, the greenway allows residents to enjoy the sounds and beauty of nature while spending time outdoors with family and friends.greenway

The completed portion of Phase I of the greenway is located between West 7th Street and Radio Station Road near Carillon Assisted Living, measuring approximately 3/4 mile. Parking is available at the West 7th Street entrance. Phase I has been funded and constructed by the City, along with substantial donations from private property owners and developers who provided the rights-of-way to allow the project to proceed.

Phase II, which is located between Carillon Assisted Living and N.C. Highway 10 West, measuring approximately 3/4 mile. Phase II was funded by North Carolina Department of Transportation Enhancement Grant.

Ultimately, plans call for Phase III of the greenway which will connect Phase II to Southside Park and will provide a significant recreational amenity for Newton.

Greenway Distances:
Phase 1: 3/4 mile one way (West 7th Street to Carillon Assisted Living)
Phase 2: 3/4 mile one way (Carillon Assisted Living to Highway 10 West)
Total: 1.5 miles