Living Tree Memorials

Living Tree Memorials may be purchased in Honor or Memory of a special individual. Trees cannot be planted on private property. Interested person(s) may call or come by the Newton Recreation Department for more information.

Tree CostsTree Memorial

$50.00 per tree - 7 gallon tree - 6' - 8' tall
$60.00 per tree - 10 gallon tree - 8' - 9' tall
$80.00 per tree - full grown Crepe Myrtles trees already planted at Southside Cemetery.
Price will vary for special ordered trees depending on type of tree.

Startown Fire Department
Crepe Myrtles and Dogwoods

Central Recreation Department

Crepe Myrtles

Southside Cemetery
Crepe Myrtles

Fire Department Headquarters
Magnolias and Silverbells