Jacob Fork Park - Pump Track

Jacob Fork Park - Pump Track Entrance


Warm up, cool down or get in some practice at the new pump track at Jacob Fork Park in Newton. The new track is a complimentary track to the Woodland Loop Trail, a 2.5 mile outdoor trail for mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers.

The Catawba Valley Heritage Alliance completed in early July phase two of the bike park master plan which was the construction of the pump track. CVHA President Kenyon Kelly said the pump track incorporates berms, banks and jumps. The pump track is also kid friendly.

It is an area designed to be where you can work up to prepare for the mountain bike trail or to cool down.

A pump track can be fun, can be ridden by anybody and by any age. Low risk circular track for a wide range of skill levels, especially appealing to new riders and children. They don’t involve pedaling, but do involve using your body to create forward momentum. You can learn on one, you can race on one and you can seriously improve your riding ability on one. They are new, exciting and combine cycling with coordination, fitness, balance and control. The aim is to get people on bikes and having fun.

Jacob Fork Park - Pump Track