Indoor Soccer

The Recreation Department offers indoor soccer for youth 7 to 16, age is determined as of October 15 of the current year.  Registration is held from October thru November.  Indoor Soccer Season: January thru Early March.Youth Indoor Soccer

Youth Indoor Soccer Games are played at the Newton Recreation Department Gym, CLICK HERE for directions to the center.

To Register for Youth Indoor Soccer:

  • Make sure Birth Certificates is on file with the department.
  • Parents must sign travel release form and Medical/Surgical Treatment Form in front of a Notary, valid up to one year.
  • Parents must sign a Parents Code of Ethics Form.
  • Fill out youth sports registration card.
  • Pay $30.00 Non-Resident Fee.

Issuing Uniforms

All youth sports uniforms are issued at the Recreation Center.

Youth Indoor SoccerInterested in Coaching:
The Newton Parks and Recreation Department has adopted and required the National Youth Sports and Coaches Association (NYSCA) Certification Program for all coaches interested in coaching in the Department's Youth Sports Program. All coaches are screened for background checks.

The NYSCA Program consists of: 4-hour videotape program designed to provide formal training opportunities for volunteer coaches who are coaching in an organized youth sports program. The tapes provide information on first-aid and prevention of injury, understanding the psychological/physiological aspects of coaching youth, how to organize meaningful practices and the teaching of proper skills for particular sports. Cost of certification is $20.00.