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Parks and Recreation Department

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The City of Newton Parks & Recreation Department was organized in May 1948 to serve the community with year round recreational activities. The department plays a vital part in the lives of Newton’s 12,994 residents.  The department's resources are channeled through three main areas: Programs, Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, and Cemeteries. 

The department's program staff combines a variety of instructional classes, special events and (7) major organized athletic activities to reach the broadest number of Newton residents. 

The Buildings and Grounds Maintenance staff ensures the optimum upkeep and cleanliness of the majority of the City's various properties, which include six (6) parks, a Swimming Pool, Greenways Trail, (2) Centers, a Community Building, City Hall and the Historic Newton Train Depot.

The Cemetery Staff sees to the ground's care and organization of the City's three (3) Cemeteries - Eastview, Central, and Southside; a living tree memorial program located at various sites around the City; downtown hanging baskets; and planter boxes.

It is through these areas that the department contributes the totality of its efforts to improve community life. Aside from these direct contributions, the department maintains ties to various city committees and in so doing, provides additional services.

The department supports the Newton Appearance Commission, Festival and Events Committee, Human Relations Council, Tree Board, and Parks & Recreation Commission.

Jacob Fork ParkMission Statement
The Newton Parks and Recreation Department strives to enhance the quality of life to all citizens by providing a diverse and comprehensive program of recreational, educational, and cultural leisure opportunities. These services aim to assist in the growth of the community through our open spaces, parks, and recreational facilities while contributing to their physical, social and emotional well-being through all aspect of life.


VisionSoldiers Reunion 5K Run/Walk and One-Mile Fun Run
Newton Parks and Recreation Department is committed to develop and preserve parks and open spaces, greenways, trails systems, and wetlands, parks and cemeteries.
Promise to develop and renovate new existing athletic and indoor Recreation facilities, ballfield/centers.
Recognizes the importance of our volunteers, coaches, customers, and others assisting with our department growth, program staff/coaches.
Dedicated in providing activities and facilities to meet the needs of all ages, nationalities and abilities, indoor, outdoor soccer, badminton, senior programs and senior games.