Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the registration fees for youth sports?

The Newton Recreation Department does not have a registration fee to play sports.  Players not living in the City of Newton pay a $30.00 non-resident fee per sport, per child.

Q. What is the cost to put a team in the adult leagues?

The price is $420.00 per team, plus $25.00 non-resident fee per player.

Q. How do I know if I am a resident of Newton or not?

A. In order to be a city resident, you must reside inside the city limits of Newton and pay city taxes.

Q. My child wants to play with his/her friends in an older age group. Will you let them do this?

A. No. All children are expected to play within their appropriate age group. We feel they will develop better and have a better chance of success if we are consistent with this rule.

Q. My child is almost old enough to play Tee Ball. Can we bend the rules just a little and let them play this year?

A. No. Children must be at least 4 year old on the last day of registration. We try to keep all children in their appropriate leagues. If we let one family play early, we would have to let all families play early.

Q. Are all practices and games held in Newton?

A. All practices for all leagues are held in Newton.

Q. I own a business or property in Newton. Do I still have to pay non-resident fees?

A. Yes, you must reside inside the city limits of Newton.

Q. Can athletic fields be rented and reserved?

A. Yes. Fees vary for the facilities and services needed. Please call (828) 695-4317 for more information.

Q. What do you have to do to become a youth coach?

Our coaches are volunteers and a valuable part of our organization. We ask that interested parties go through the NYSCA Coaches Certificate class. We do background checks on all our coaches. You can contact our Recreation Department office at (828) 695-4317 for more information.

Q. Where can I get a copy of your Recreation Program Brochures?

A. Copies are available at the Newton Recreation Department.

Q. Does a picnic shelter reservation mean I have the whole park?

A. No, you have the covered shelter with picnic tables and grill.  The public may still use the park.

Q. How do I reserve the Southside Community Building?

A. Contact the Newton Recreation Department for availability and prices at (828) 695-4317.

Q. How do I register for youth sports? 

To Register for Youth Sports:

  • Make sure Birth Certificate is on file with the department.
  • Parents must sign travel release form and Medical/Surgical Treatment Form in front of a Notary, valid up to one year. 
  • Parents must sign a Parents Code of Ethics. 
  • Fill out youth sports registration card. 
  • Pay $30.00 Non-Resident Fee Per Player, Per Sport.

Q. How do I express a concern about my child's coach?

Please contact Newton Recreation Department office at (828) 695-4317 and we will be happy discuss this with you.

Q. Does the City of Newton have swimming pools?

We have one outdoor pool located at the Newton Recreation Department. For more information, call (828) 695-4317.

Q. What types of programs do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of programs for most any age, including arts and crafts, fitness, trips, team sports and much more. Our City of Newton Newsletter is published four times per year with all the available programs listed and is available on our website or you may pick up a copy at any of our recreation centers. You can also visit our facilities at our website to get updated program information or call us at (828) 695-4317.

Q. How do I get information about the cemeteries?

A. For cemetery information you can contact the Newton Recreation Department at (828) 695-4317.

Q. How do I sign up for an activity?

Pre-registration is usually required and payment is required at time of registration. You can either do this by mail or in person. Most registration forms are located with the program on our website. You may download the form ahead of time and bring it with you to make payment.

Q. Do you take debit cards or charge cards?

Our facility does not take debit cards and credit cards.

Q. How do I contact the Newton Parks and Recreation Department Director?

A. During the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm call (828) 695-4331.

Q. How do I get there? I need directions!

Our web page shows a map for the location of each of our facilities. You can call our office at (828) 695-4317 if you need further assistance.

Q. How do I get general information?

For answers to most questions, you can call the Parks and Recreation Administration office at (828) 695-4317 or go to our website at where you can get information.

Q. How do I get involved with the Appearance Commission, Festival or Events Committee or Recreation Commission?

If you are a City of Newton Resident, please call (828) 695-4317 for information about the Commission or Committees.

Q. What is the process of reserving a picnic shelter or other facility?

For picnic shelters or other facilities you can contact Newton Recreation Department at (828) 695-4317.

Q. Do you have a scholarship program?

A. No