Commissions & Committees

Parks & Recreation Commission
The Parks & Recreation Commission is a seven member volunteer appointed by the Mayor & City Council. Members are appointed for a three year term, all members of the Commission must residents of Newton.  The Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Recreation Center at 7:00 p.m. The Recreation Commission is only an advisory Commission to the governing body, manager and administrator. Though the Commission has no legal authority, it may serve important functions in the interpretation of the program, facilities, services, and in making studies which help advance Parks & Recreation services. It is an important liaison for improving the Leisure opportunities of a community.

Appearance Commission
The Newton Appearance Commission is an eight member volunteer commission, appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Members are appointed for a three year term by the City Council. All members must reside in the City of Newton. The commission meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Powers and duties: The Appearance Commission shall make careful study of the visual problems and needs of the City and the area comprising the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction of the City, and shall make any plans and carry out any programs that will enhance and improve the visual quality and aesthetic characteristic of the City and surrounding area.

The Commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding:
1.   Park, roadside, greenways, cemeteries, median and island and entrance way beautification.
2.   Street trees, ancestral trees and public area, landscaping standards.
3.   Street decorations, including banners.
4.   Downtown Beautification Master Plan.
5.   Cemetery Landscaping.
6.   Christmas Decorations.
7.   Luminary Displays.
8.   Yard of the Month.
9.   Downtown Planter Boxes.
10. Special Events related to beautification.

Tree Board
A seven member commission appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Members are appointed for a three year term. All members shall be residents of the City of Newton.  Meets 6 times a year.

Duties and responsibilities: It shall be the responsibility of the commission to study, investigate, council and develop written plans for the care, preservation, trimming, planting, replanting, removal, or  disposition of trees and shrubs in public area. Such a plan will be presented to the City Council and upon its acceptance and approval shall constitute the official comprehensive tree plan for the City of Newton, North Carolina.  The commission shall review annually and recommend changes if needed to the City Council.

The Tree Commission shall furthermore serve as an advisory board to the City Council with the following duties and responsibilities:

1.   To facilitate and govern the planting, growth and protection of trees within the City.
2.  To foster the communication among the citizens of Newton that would provide the needed protection of trees and to coordinate active measures to support their health and growth within the City.
3.  To conduct a tree survey of existing trees along streets and on public property within the City.
4.  To investigate available grants, loans, or contributions from other governmental agencies, public or private corporations, or individuals; and to recommend the expenditure of any proceeds toward the accomplishment of the board's purpose.
5.  To conduct continuing research, planning, and feasibility studies required to support the purpose stated herein.
6.  To enhance the aesthetic appearance of Newton as a means of improving quality of life and attracting new businesses and residents.
For further information about these committees you can call the Newton Parks and Recreation Department at (828) 695-4317.