Garbage Collection FAQ

When do we pick up?

  • To view a map that shows your collection day, click here.
  • Once per week on your assigned collection day.    
  • Place items at the curb no later than 6 a.m. on your assigned collection day to avoid being missed.
  • The Sanitation Department works on all holidays except Christmas Day. If Christmas Day falls on a weekday, the sanitation schedule runs one day behind, with Friday’s route run on Saturday. If Christmas Day is during the weekend, there is no change in schedule and all routes are run on the normal schedule.

What do we pick up?

  • Household Trash: Place in roll-out container provided.
  • Furniture/Bedding: Sofas, tables, chairs, mattresses, etc., in limited quantities.
  • Small Appliances: Toasters, blenders, etc.
  • Large Household Appliances: Doors and plastic shelves must be removed from refrigerators and freezers. Whitegoods fee applies (refer to Fees & Charges).
  • Outdoor Items: Lawn furniture, umbrellas, etc. 
  • Recreational items: Bicycles, work-out equipment, toys, etc.
  • Tires: Residential only. Tires must be removed from the rim. Limit of five per year per household.
  • Recyclables: Place in red container provided (newsprint, #1 - #7 plastics, glass bottles and jars, steel/aluminum cans, telephone books, and magazines).  NO GARBAGE OR PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS (recycle plastic grocery bags at local grocery stores).
  • Yard Waste: Grass clippings, leaves, hedge & shrubbery clippings, small tree limbs, etc. Bagged yard waste needs to be bagged so that one person can lift it. 
  • Brush and Large Limbs: Cut by homeowner and piled at the curb line in lengths no longer than 10 feet, diameters no larger than 6 inches, with cut ends facing the road. Piles must not to exceed a 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 4 ft. high pile per cycle. Will be picked up according to chipping route, which does not follow the residential garbage truck route. City crews will chip at a single residence for a maximum of 30 minutes (refer to Fees and Charges for additional time rates). If a pile requires more than 30 minutes of labor, the crew will attempt to contact the resident.  The City encourages the use of permitted tree-trimmers for large jobs to avoid extra disposal fees from the City.
  • Hypodermic needles and sharps: Used hypodermic needles and other sharps must be placed in a plastic milk jug or soda bottle. When the jug is full, the lid must be taped on so that it can’t come off. Once the lid is secured, the jug or bottle may be placed in the roll-out container for disposal.

What we DO NOT pick up 

  • Cardboard: Do not place in recycling bin. Recycle at drop-off sites at 210 N. Ashe Ave. or 1712 N. Main Ave.
  • Paint: Liquid paint is not accepted. Empty or dry cans may be placed in roll out with household garbage. Liquid paint may be taken to the Blackburn Landfill for disposal at the electronics and paint drop-off site.
  • Electronics: Refer to the Recycling page for information about disposal of electronics..
  • Debris/Rubbish: The City of Newton provides dumpster service for most construction and clean out jobs. Contact the Public Works Department at 828-695-4310 or the Sanitation Department at 828-695-4294 for more information.
    • Construction debris: Shingles, lumber, plywood, scrap wood from building remodeling/destruction, guttering, carpet, windows, etc.
    • Rubbish: Large amounts of clothing or trash from major house cleanouts

Contact the Catawba County Landfill at 704-462-1348 for more information on how to dispose of debris and rubbish.

Missed Pickup
If City crews miss your collection items please contact Public Works at 828-695-4310 for next day pickup.  Excessive missed pickups because items were not available at the curb by 6 a.m. will be addressed by the Sanitation Supervisor.

If you would like more information on composting contact your local Extension Agent at the Catawba County Agricultural Resources Center ( or by phone at 828-465-8250.

To view the City's sanitation brochure, please click HERE.

To view the City's recycling brochure, please click HERE.