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Electric Service Terms

The Terms and Conditions for Electric Service for the City of Newton's Electric System are now in written form and in the future will be distributed to all new Customers and any existing Customers requesting a copy.

The Electric Service Regulations are intended for use as a Customer Service tool by City personnel to provide the rules and regulations of how the City Electric Division provides Electric Service to its Customers. When used in an appropriate manner and with common sense, all new and existing Customers of the City's Electric System will be treated in a fair and equal manner.

IMG_0218The understanding and cooperation of all City employees is essential if the City is to provide excellent Customer Service to its Customers. This manual does not address every possible problem, question, or concern related to Electric Service. Rather, it is a guide for a systematic approach to providing Electric Service.

The Electric Service Regulations will assist in the daily activities of City personnel and will also assist in training of new employees in their Customer Service duties. Proper utilization of this guide will allow City personnel to provide the best service possible.

In conclusion, the Terms and Conditions provide the Customer with a guide for what to expect from the City of Newton and the Electric Service Regulations provide a guide for City personnel to use providing the best service to Customers of the City's Electric System.

Turn Around Times

Installation of Underground or Overhead Electric Service: 7 to 10 working days.
Repair/Replace St. Light or Security Light: 3 to 5 working days.
Locating Utilities: 48 hrs.

Numbers you should know

Newton Public Works & Utilities: 828-695-4310
Newton Customer Service: 828-695-4301
Rutherford Electric: 704-735-5381
Duke Power: 800-777-9898

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