Opening a Business in Newton

There are a few simple steps involved with opening a business within the City of Newton.  Below is a brief list of what someone should expect to complete:

1.  Applicant comes into the Planning Department, walk-ins welcome! The staff will then check to see if the proposed use is allowed within the Schedule of Permitted Uses of the Zoning Ordinance (Sec. 102-201).

2.  If the proposed use is listed as a permitted use within the Zoning Ordinance, the applicant is then given a blue CO sheet, a Sewer Use application, and a Certificate of Occupancy application.  These may be completed in the office (10-15 mins).  At this time a payment of $70.00 is made by the applicant and a receipt issued.
Some fine print...

If the new business is located within a larger building with multiple businesses, where no separate utility account is being opened and a Sewer Use Permit has alread been obtained -- Only the fee for the CO ($50.00) will be collected and only a blue CO sheet along with the white CO application will need to be filled out.

If the business is changing its name or owner, but the use of the business is not to be changed, then a new CO must be issued showing the new date of issuance but no new fees will be collected.

If the name of the business and the owner are changing and the use of the business is staying the same, all applications will need to be completed and the full $70.00 fee will be collected.

3.  The telephone number for the Fire Marshal’s office is located on the back of the blue sheet as well as the Permit Center and Environmental Health.


- All CO’s need a Fire Marshal signature to be issued.

- If there is a change in use for the building where the proposed business is to be located in or if the building has been vacant for a number of years then a Safety Inspection will need to be done by Catawba County as well and will need to be signed off on the back of the blue CO sheet.

- A restaurant or other food preparation industries will need to obtain a signature from Catawba County Environmental Health.

 4.  A copy the completed blue CO sheet as well as the receipt are retained in the Planning Department’s records.  The completed CO Application sheet is given to the Commercial Development Coordinator and the Sewer Use Permit is distributed to the Public Works Department.  The applicant is then responsible for having the blue CO sheet signed by all of the appropriate agencies.

 5.  When the applicant returns to the Planning Department with the blue CO sheet that contains all of the required signatures, a full Certificate of Occupancy may be issued.


 **A temporary CO may be issued to let the applicant have utilities to make repairs in order to pass inspections.  In this case the temporary CO line will be signed by the required inspectors.  The temporary CO may be granted for up to thirty days and extended beyond that provided that work is being done and no one is occupying the building.