Fire Prevention in our Schools

A major focus of our fire department is to educate about the dangers of fire and the importance of fire safety.  This education begins as young as preschool and continues through high school.  We believe that educating our children about fire prevention is a strong first step in allowing them to go home and educate their parents on how to keep their families safe.  The City of Newton Fire Department visits daycares and schools to teach special programs geared toward their age group.  In particular, the City of Newton Fire Department offers a fire prevention program specifically designed and created for Fifth Grade students.  Our Fire Prevention Bureau visits each Fifth Grade classroom in the City’s Fire District to present a monthly program on fire prevention & safety.  

 It is vital that children of all ages learn about the dangers of fire.  On average, around 3,600 children are injured or killed in house fires each year.  Children playing with fire or ignition sources, such as lighters and matches, are the leading cause of these fires.  Children must learn, at school and at home, how to prevent fires and how to stay safe if a fire does occur.  Also, firefighters visit classrooms to help the children become more familiar with them and their firefighting gear.  This interaction is crucial so that in a real fire situation children aren’t intimidated or scared by the firefighters sent in to rescue them.  If a child can see a firefighter dressed in their fire gear and equipment in a safe setting, they will be more likely to go to a rescuing firefighter in a real fire situation.