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How to Deal with a Neighbor’s Bad Curb Appeal

NEWTON, N.C.If you haven’t attended one of the city of Newton’s public sessions regarding the Newton Streetscape and North Newton Master plans, you need to do so, or at least learn about them on the website dedicated to gathering input about the plans.

The next public session—scheduled for 7 p.m. March 23 at the Old Post Office Playhouse—will inform you about plans to make Newton a more visually attractive place, which will in turn have positive impacts on our economic development, quality of life, home values and more.

None of this planning will work unless we, as individual citizens, do our part to help our community.

We can start with our own neighborhoods.

Is there a house on your block that has a yard piled with junk or littered with trash? Are neighbors using their front porch for storage or parking junk cars in their yard? Not only does this lower your home’s value, but it is hazardous in many ways.

First, try to make friends and ask nicely. Most people want to get along with their neighbors and be helpful.

Offer to help. The person may feel overwhelmed, or not have the time or money.

If you don’t have the time, money or physical capability to help your neighbor, find a local church or civic group that can help. 

Hold a neighborhood clean-up one weekend, and help each other improve everyone’s curb appeal. This way you will not single out the neighbor with the junky yard.

If the problem isn’t affecting your home’s value, simply block the view. Add landscaping, a fence or curtains.

If all of the above fails, contact our local code enforcement officer, John Raines, at 828-695-4358.

Remember, we are the community, and the way our city looks reflects on each of us.

To keep in touch with the Newton Appearance Commission, email us or visit us on Facebook.