Business Advisory Committee

BAC 2017
Business Advisory Committee members are (front row from left) Chairperson Jennifer Stiver, Suzanne White, Leslie Yount, Larry Adams, (back row from left) Tom Warlick, Lisa Crump, Bradley Saine, and Jessica Hoffman.

The mission of the Business Advisory Committee is to generate commercial economic development that will benefit all citizens of the City of Newton by improving the attractiveness of the entire City for the creation of new businesses and for the expansion of existing businesses.

The BAC advises the Mayor and City Council on business issues that impact the City including, but not limited to, retail, commercial, downtown, and residential development; ordinances and codes to support development and redevelopment; investments needed by the public and private sectors to carry out development and redevelopment projects; and potential incentives to attract new business investment. 

The BAC may be charged with planning and implementing a broad range of economic development and community development strategies, such as marketing, branding, business incentives, or infrastructure improvements, as directed by the Mayor and Council. 

pdfCurrent Economic Incentive

The BAC may participate in the recruitment and retention of companies or work with the development community to identify and formulate product (i.e. development sites, buildings).  The BAC may prepare and maintain a business development plan for the City of Newton at the direction of the Mayor and City Council.

BAC bylaws limit a person to serving two consecutive terms and any unexpired term to which a member may be appointed to complete.

Current BAC members are:

» Chairperson Jennifer Stiver
» Vice Chairperson Leslie Yount
» Larry Adams
» Lisa Crump
» Jessica Hoffman
» Bradley Saine
» Tom Warlick
» Suzanne White

The BAC holds its meetings on the second Thursday of the month at 3 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.