Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Budget

Budget Fees and charges

Newton City Council adopted the 2021-2022 budget at the June 2 City Council meeting.

The budget maintains the current property tax rate of $0.54 per $100 of assessed property value. The budget maintains current retail electric rates, water and wastewater rates, and sanitation fees.

The budget will enable Newton to continue providing a high level of service to citizens and move the city forward in accordance with a Strategic Growth Plan aimed at fostering long-term economic growth. Replacing aging infrastructure, rewarding employees through merit-based pay adjustments, and generation of private sector interest throughout Newton and in the city’s core business district are main goals of the financial plan.

Newton recognizes the potential for significant growth over the next decade from the Charlotte area as the widening of N.C. 16 between Newton and Charlotte comes to completion. As a result, investments in the city are being made to better position Newton for that growth.

City Manager Todd Clark presented the proposed budget to City Council at their regular meeting on May 4. Council members discussed the budget during a public workshop at Newton City Hall on May 10. The budget was adopted after a public hearing at the June 2 City Council meeting.

Copies of the budget and proposed fees and charges are available by clicking the buttons above.